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SIQMA POS from Scheidt & Bachmann accelerates processes at the petrol station cash register

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With the new SIQMA POS, Scheidt & Bachmann ushers in a new era in petrol station cash registers. It can be used on almost any end device as it runs in the browser. SIQMA POS is a versatile all-round talent at the petrol station, be it as a conventional stationary POS workstation or as a mobile tablet POS for shops, bistros or car washes.

Together with an external service provider, Scheidt & Bachmann took into account the aspects of modern software ergonomics and incorporated them into the new user interface when redesigning the new register panel. The new user interface is intuitively and quickly accessible to the user. Particularly important is the performance of the desired function with as few as possible single keystroke. New functions such as swiping, already known to users from smartphone use, support the cashier in daily work processes as well as a history application for frequently used functions.

The new SIQMA Infinity hardware platform makes working with SIQMA POS a smooth task. SIQMA Infinity is significantly more compact than its predecessors, saving valuable space in the checkout area and in the office. With significantly improved performance values, we have nevertheless succeeded in reducing energy consumption by 30% and thus significantly increasing both cost-effectiveness, particularly in 24/7/365 operation, and operating speed. With the 64-bit Windows10 operating system, SIQMA Infinity is fit for the future.

In addition to the flexible use at the station, SIQMA POS has been extended to include many useful functions for the stationary use. For petrol stations with auto repair service, it is now possible to issue service invoices directly via invoicing and regular customer care. Enabling all invoices to be centrally stored on one system and a tedious switch between several programs to be omitted.

Through new functions, the cashier is also assisted in sales. Pop-up messages are displayed to inform the cashier to actively offer further articles. Notes can refer to general sales increases or to concrete promotion campaigns. In addition, a module for customer surveys is provided. The operator can easily obtain valuable information about his customers. With the new function, petrol station operators are now not only able to determine who the customers are, but also which customers buy which products or whether a promotion campaign has achieved the desired success with the desired target group. For this purpose, a pop-up window with the corresponding question is displayed to the cashier during the sale. The answers help determine which catchment area the core clientele comes from, which age groups mainly belong to the clientele, but above all also whether a planned promotional campaign has reached the desired customers. What was previously only quantitatively measurable, namely how often a promotional item was sold, can now also be documented with qualitative data. The cashier simply enters the answer to the question into the cashier interface. The complete integration into the system also makes it possible to centrally control a customer survey. A survey is planned in the central SIQMA Cloud HOS system and sent to selected stations. The action is then automatically active in the POS system for the defined period and is also automatically terminated after it has expired. The collected data is available both locally in SIQMA BOS or centrally in SIQMA HOS for evaluation and can be retrieved in report form.

Couponing functions have been improved to promote sales. Coupons can now be created for a one-time use. SIQMA Collect Classic Couponing enables cross-acceptance of coupons within a filling station network. An individual code is printed on the sales receipt linked to a sale. A discount or a bonus is provided for the next purchase. Just like a promotion campaign, coupons can be created centrally in SIQMA HOS or locally at the station with the stationary. Coupon codes can also be exported digitally in the system and used, for example, to send e-mail newsletters.

The cashback function is now available as a new service for petrol station customers. Customers can also withdraw a desired amount of cash from their bank account when paying for a fixed minimum amount. This offer is available to all banks and does not cost the end customer any additional fee. For the petrol station operator, the clear advantage lies in cash handling, as costs are reduced for cash handling with the banks.