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The ryd pay interface will be integrated into Scheidt & Bachmann POS systems via the SIQMA Connect Cloud. In this way, petrol station operators with SIQMA POS systems will have much easier access to ryd pay.

ryd and Scheidt & Bachmann have agreed on the automatic integration of ryd pay into all SIQMA POS systems in Switzerland. For this purpose Scheidt & Bachmann’s innovative SIQMA Connect Cloud will be used, which complies with the international IFSF standard 3-60 Mobile Payment to Site Interface Standard. The pre-installed ryd ready interface makes it easier for petrol station operators to access mobile payment. This applies to newly delivered POS systems and a large number of existing systems in the field. SIQMA POS systems are market leading in Switzerland. More than one third of the 3,367 Petrol stations in Switzerland are using a Scheidt & Bachmann system. Scheidt & Bachmann systems are distributed and installed by Schenk Systeme AG in Switzerland.

Pre-installed interface enables uncomplicated integration of ryd pay

"In a dynamic field like fuel retail management, solutions are needed that are as well contemporary as trend-setting," says Stephan Löffler, Head of Product Management & Marketing from Scheidt & Bachmann. "The automatic integration of the ryd pay interfaces via the SIQMA Connect Cloud into the SIQMA POS system of Scheidt & Bachmann facilitates access to mobile payment for petrol station operators and customers alike."

Tilo Schroiff, Head of Sales at ryd suisse AG adds: "With the increasing digital connection partnerships and comprehensive new ecosystems are created. These enable a large number of new innovative services. Through the connection to the SIQMA Connect Cloud from Scheidt & Bachmann, the petrol station operators are a big step closer towards offering mobile payment because ryd pay can already be used in more than 1,000 petrol stations in Switzerland. All that is required is integration into the respective company software release."

SIQMA Connect ryd ready available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

A total of 21,000 installed systems and two billion annual customer contacts make Scheidt & Bachmann not only the market leader in the DACH region, but also a key partner for the entire European petrol station market. "We have ambitious plans with the European rollout of ryd pay," says Johannes Martens, CEO of ryd. "Through the cooperation with Scheidt & Bachmann we gain an important partner and access to countless petrol stations in important European markets". 

About ryd pay

ryd pay is the revolution of the payment process at the petrol station. With ryd pay, payment is made directly via the ryd app at the fuel pump or in the car therefore, going into the petrol station shop becomes obsolete.
Fast, convenient and thanks to security and encryption mechanisms according to banking standards, secure transactions are guaranteed. The ryd app is available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store at no costs and can already be used in all connected petrol stations throughout Germany. The rollout of ryd pay is currently underway in Switzerland, where starting in 2020 ryd pay can be used for payment, too.

About ryd suisse

ryd suisse is a joint venture between AXA and ThinxNet GmbH. Since 2019, ryd suisse proudly presents the digital future to the road. ryd is a connected car platform with the key products ryd pay and ryd box. ryd pay is the largest cross-brand solution for mobile payment directly at the fuel pump. The ryd box, an OBD2 connector, turns any car into a SmartCar. ryd makes driving better and more comfortable. Whether at the petrol station, for private individuals, networked company fleets or as an innovative telematics solution for insurers. Founded in 2014, ryd is active in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Currently the European rollout is in progress. 

About Scheidt & Bachmann GmbH

Scheidt & Bachmann is a family business with 3,200 employees and was founded in 1872. The system solutions provider offers solutions for fuel retail and parking, fare collection management and signalling. Scheidt & Bachmann acts as global system provider in more than 50 countries and counts system development, system integration, service management, hosting and software-as-a-service to its core competencies.
With numerous innovations, Scheidt & Bachmann sets benchmarks that often develop into industry-wide standards. With the SIQMA product brand solutions are provided, which effectively improve the customer journey at petrol stations by means of cloud-based systems. With the SIQMA product portfolio Scheidt & Bachmann offers its international customers a modern solution portfolio of POS and BOS systems, payment terminals, and central cloud solutions.

About Schenk Systeme AG

The company SCHENK Systeme AG was founded in 1964. As one of the first European companies focusing on petrol station automation, Schenk was already at the forefront of technological development over 50 years ago. Building on this success, the family business, now in its second generation, has expanded its service portfolio to include other business areas.
In addition to the parking systems from Scheidt & Bachmann, we sell, install and maintain AVL engine and vehicle diagnostic systems through our sister company SCHENK Industrie. The systems are serviced in all parts of Switzerland and in corresponding languages by our own experienced technicians.

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