Service with a system

FareGo Life is our modular service portfolio that can be adapted flexible to any requirements specification. Our customised service solutions will support you to run your fare management system more efficient and to achieve cost reductions. Put responsibility for your system in our experienced hands to increase your security and simultaneously relieve your personnel resources. FareGo Life accompanies your fare management system throughout its entire lifetime and ensures that your system remains in good condition.

Successful operation is archived easily with FareGo Life!

Your benefits

  • You do not have to build and operate any service infrastructure.
  • We offer you a favorable cost and benefit factor. Because as the responsible company for the service of numerous customers we are able to exploit cross synergy effects. This makes it possible for us to implement service concepts more cost-effective than the commissioning transport operating company.
  • Protection against failure – We ensure high availability of all systems for many years.
  • Secure planning – Our pricing makes an exact cost calculation possible.
  • Future security – We provide comprehensive modernisation options and guarantee long-term availability of spare parts.
  • Manipulation security – We regularly provide improved safeguards against digital and physical interventions.
  • We administer your Fare Collection System allowing you to concentrate on your business.
  • You must not establish a deep knowledge of the system in your company.
  • We share the responsibility of operating your Fare Collection Systems with you.
  • You benefit from our experience and minimise operating risks.

In order to provide each of our clients a personalised service concept, our FareGo Life portfolio is built completely modular and scalable.

This gives you the opportunity to compile individual service packages and make them suit perfectly to your needs. If your requirements and needs should change over time, we adapt your service package flexible to provide you with the best possible service in the long-term.

The high availability and long life span of your fare management system as well as the reduction of operating costs are key indicators of our offered services.

It is our goal to get your system in the condition you expect: Always ready for sale! Our customers as well as the passengers rely on trouble-free ticketing around the clock.

Standardised processes
For the smooth implementation of our services we rely on standardised processes. We orientate ourselves towards the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL), the world wide most common approach to IT service management.

To meet your requirements we offer three different service levels. 

Taking into account the priority of service for your sales operation it is our target to provide you with a complete service portfolio. We offer performance and cost in an optimal proportion.

Services that are really important for your sales are covered by a higher level of service. We increase your benefit.

For all services, where maximum availability is required, we offer our gold-level services. We achieve the highest availability around the clock.



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