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Nationwide account-based ticketing for the Netherlands


Translink is an association of Dutch public transport operators and operates the national smart card system “OV-chipkaart”. 

The system has now been successfully operating for more than 10 years. In order to set the course for an equally successful future, it now has to be adapted to changing demands in public transport and prepared for future challenges. 

For this reason, Translink aims to 

  • simplify access to public transport 
  • improve customer convenience
  • optimize use of capacity
  • increase cost efficiency


The existing technology of the OV-chipkaart system was found to be unsuitable to cope with the scale of modernisation as planned. The only way to lay the foundation for a future-proof concept is by introducing a modern system platform, Scheidt & Bachmann‘s account-based ticketing system (ABT system) was therefore selected. An exclusive ABT system will not be created for Translink, instead, Scheidt & Bachmann’s ABT platform will be used. This “ready-to-use” ABT system provides all ticketing modules as a cloud-based online service, hosted by Scheidt & Bachmann in a PCI-DSS-certified computer centre.

Translink is provided with all implemented functions by means of “Ticketing as a Service” (TaaS). The system‘s comprehensive capacity for parameterization and scalability means that the ABT platform can be flexibly adapted to all future demands.


In developing the ABT platform, Scheidt & Bachmann is working closely with the Chinese solution provider and system operator Octopus Applications Limited. The Hong Kong-based company specialises in account-based finance systems. The technologies of the two companies are merged in the ABT platform and further development is carried out on a collaborative basis.

Implementation of the ABT platform and activation of the ticketing functions will be carried out in a number of phases. Phase 1 will involve pilot operation by the operator HTM in Den Haag, during which individual trips will be handled via the account-based ticketing system. In Phase 2, other operators will be added and the scope will be expanded to include integrated handling of successive individual trips as a connected journey. This strategy will allow smooth introduction of the new system for both operators and passengers.

The “Ticketing as a Service” itself will be taken care of by BlueBridge Transactions, a company that supplies and operates account-based mobility services as a standardised product in international markets. BlueBridge Transactions will be providing TaaS for the Scheidt & Bachmann ABT platform. In addition to Translink, other transport service providers and other sectors such as parking will be able to make use of these services, too. 

The charging model used by Blue-Bridge Transactions is transaction-based, offering operators an attractive business model that allows reliable planning.

Additional information

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