FareGo Mobility Hub - The powerful data hub for intermodal passenger information

powered by RIMOS

Inform your passengers about the current transport status and all possible intermodal connections in their region based on real-time data. As a central data hub, the FareGo Mobility Hub collects and distributes all information generated in your transport system and makes it available to you and your passengers via apps or online – also between different transport providers. To achieve this, the FareGo Mobility Hub uses standardised interfaces and services.

With an interactive map that allows intuitive access to your data, you can keep an eye on the entire route network and vehicles running on it. Detailed information on the course of the individual vehicles is presented in the form of pearl chains. Dynamic passenger information boards show the current status information for the individual stops.

The FareGo Mobility Hub makes intermodal passenger information across system boundaries a reality. It allows displaying current departure information from different vehicles and operators at transfer stations in a uniform way – a feature that enables you to offer your passengers a true highlight.

The data hub is already successfully in operation under the name RIMOS. RIMOS is a proven central data pool for intermodal passenger information in public transport developed by Scheidt & Bachmann System Technik GmbH. Based on the VDV/SIRI standard, the system enables data exchange between different modes of public transport within the same public transportation area.