FareGo 360 - IoT Technology to get the most out of your data

FareGo 360 offers transport companies the chance to operate their fare collection system much more efficiently than ever before. New technologies make the data which is continuously generated and processed in a fare collection system usable for the first time: Transport companies benefit from a data-based, and therefore completely neutral basis that helps to make the right decisions both in critical situations & for the long-term orientation of the entire business.

All FareGo 360 products are designed for specific needs. While the each product already offers new opportunities for transport companies, the full potential of FareGo 360 is exploited when different products are combined. All interlinked and seamlessly integrated they form the basis for automation and allow to maximise efficiency.

  • FareGo 360.Case as a case management tool supports you to manage your service requests and processes at all times
  • FareGo 360.IoT provides a comprehensive overview of the current status of your ticketing system adapted to specific roles and their individual needs
  • FareGo 360.DWH is the powerful data warehouse to evaluate historical data from multiple sources and determine correlations. It enables data-based trend predictions to improve your business
  • FareGo 360.ServiceLink serves as an interface between your service management system and ours to synchronise support requests and avoid error-prone administration of two systems
  • FareGo 360.AssetLink links your asset management system with our service management platform and offers you a near real-time insight regarding hardware moves and changes
  • With FareGo 360.Analytics, the Business Intelligence tool, you dive deeply into the data world of your system. Through analysing operation and business data from multiple perspectives you gain expertise to make the right business decisions and to stay ahead of future trends.