FareGo 360 - IoT Technology to get the most out of your data

Your ticketing system generates and processes masses of data every day. With FareGo 360 you use this data to take your system to a whole new level. 

The innovative software solution processes mass data in simple overviews and enables intuitive, mobile access to comprehensive data and reports – adapted to the respective user group. 

Simple dashboards provide a 360° overview of the current status of your system. Analyse your data and correlate it with further information such as service and support data, vehicle movements, traffic data or weather data and develop a deep understanding of the connections and dependencies that influence your operation and sales. Supported by intelligent, data-based analysis tools you optimise your operations and align them with current and future requirements.

FareGo 360 consists of three consecutive modules:

  • FareGo 360.IoT gives you a comprehensive overview of the current status of your system
  • FareGo 360.DWH is a powerful data warehouse that collects all information relevant for the optimal operation of your system
  • With FareGo 360.Analytics you dive deeply into the data world of your system and enter a completely new dimension of your ticketing

FareGo 360 uses state-of-the-art technologies and was developed in close collaboration with leading experts from the fields of IoT technology, data warehouse architecture and business intelligence.