FareGo Open Payment

FareGo Open Payment is an open loop account-based system using contactless EMV technology in a Pay as You Go mode. It enables passengers to use their contactless credit cards and mobile payment apps for travelling: payment and ticketing become one. 

Key Benefits

  • Convenience for the rider
    • No registration needed
    • No tariff knowledge required
    • Ideal for occasional travelers and visitors 
  • Optimize utilization of resources
    • Reduced cost of sales
    • Reduced need for vending machines and ticket offices
    • Sales increase due to increased ridership
  • Fully scalable
    • Start with a single bus, line, station, mode and roll out to the whole system and beyond
    • Start with a simple tariff in “Pay as You Go” mode and expand to a full set of ticketing products
  • Non-invasive
    • FareGo Open Payment is very non-invasive to the current infrastructure and can be applied without any changes to the current infrastructure 
    • FareGo Open Payment is also suitable to non Scheidt & Bachmann installations

The FareGo Open Payment process

With FareGo Open Payment the passenger simply starts a journey by tapping the contactless credit card, smartphone or smartwatch at a FareGo gate or validator installed in a bus, train or at a station. Registration is not necessary.

The tap's data is sent to the FareGo Suite back office which stores the card identification data in a secure PCI-certified system environment and creates an account. 

For each tap FareGo Suite performs a journey construction and calculates the tariff applicable to the journey. At the end of the business day all journeys of the business day are aggregated into one payment request for each account.