• Fare collection systems - Project: Budapest

FareGo Val OV|41

Nowadays smart cards, credit cards and smartphones are often used as a type of ticket medium. The validation of those media is a core functionality of modern ticketing systems. The E-Ticketing validator FareGo Val OV|41 is perfectly tailored to the requirements of such systems as it‘s capable of processing contactless media and barcodes very quickly.

Its multifunctional reader platform supports various smart card schemes as Calypso or ITSO and contactless bank cards (EMV). The variable barcode scanner allows simultaneous processing of barcode tickets e. g. within mobile ticketing portfolio on smartphones.

FareGo Val OV|41 is designed for on-board usage in public transportation vehicles and provides passengers stress-free and comfortable bording.


Intelligent smart card reader for processing of smart cards that supports eTicketing applications such as VDV-KA (Germany), ITSO (UK), OV-chipkaart (Netherlands) Calypso and Scheidt & Bachmann Smart Card Standard as well as EMV credit cards.

Processes tickets with all conventional 1D and 2D barcodes. The reader has a large scan area and is equipped with high-performance LED target recognition. 

Includes a large-scaled 5,7“ touch display with durable LED backlight, anti-glare with extra wide viewing angle.

3-coloured LED indicator (green, yellow, red). 4 additional LEDs for the processing of open payment transactions and an audible buzzer.

Pry resistant, impact proof and flame retardant plastic housing. Front plate made of hardened glass.

Easy mounting to vertical vehicle railings. Lockable mounting unit made of industrial aluminium.

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