• Fare collection systems - Project: Budapest


Our innovative ticketing solutions support transportation providers in providing easy and comfortable service to their customers. They make a huge contribution in raising the attractiveness of public transportation by e. g. smoothly integrating new mobility concepts like sharing services into the travel experience.

When using Account-based ticketing, the fare management system’s intelligence is transferred into the background system. Ticketing processes are executed in real-time and in the cloud, invisible to the passenger.

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Unlike normal ticketing apps, ours is not a shopping system for static ticket products. It actually turns any standard Smartphone into an ID-based identification medium, which allows dynamic journey pricing in real-time.

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FareGo ViTA transforms FareGo Ticket Vending Machines (TVMs) into full operational ticket agencies, offering passengers face-to-face remote assistance via live-chat functionalities to help them buy their tickets.

FareGo ViTA extends the proven concept of self-service ticket vending machines with video and audio transmission as well as remote functionalities, providing comprehensive personal support with minimal employment of staff and financial expenditures.

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