• Students at Scheidt & Bachmann have a future

Co-Op Student

Would you like to leave a lasting impression as a co-op student and apply your knowledge to projects throughout your studies in a large worldwide successful family business?

You have come to the right place!

By working at Scheidt & Bachmann, you will gain the experience of a market leader, impressions on the daily operations of an industrial company as well as about 3,000 new collegues. All this experience is to be gained in a company that still thinks of itself as a Family-Business with a cooperative work environment. A future career with Scheidt & Bachmann is possible!

Do you like to delve into web development and application development? Terms such as C, C++, JAVA, PHP, Process Optimisation or even Project Management are not foreign terms you know?

If you are also studying one of the following: Electrical Engineering, Computer Sciences or Industrial Engineering you may have a great foundation for a future career with Scheidt & Bachmann.

Until now you've been collecting points in your studies only - when you could be collecting bonus points with us - possibly reaching far beyond your studies!

Find vacant positions

Frank Dohmen

Phone: +49 2166 266-175

Yes, it is possible! The sectors software-development and project management are frequently in demand.

The tasks concentrate mainly on part sectors from the software-development and the project management. There you can be in charge of small or middle size projects or you accompany the colleagues assistant.

If required, the vacant positions as a cooperative education student at Scheidt & Bachmann are advertised on our online job market. You can also subscribe our job-newsletter here.

Also as a cooperative education student you are lawful insured against after effects of work- and way accidents.

If required, we can help you. Please feel free to speak to us.

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