Internship with Scheidt & Bachmann

    Experience a "normal workday" through an internship

    Interested people should know as early as possible, where their interests lies and should make a job training decision based on that. In order to discover their talents and abilities, they should get to know and even try on different aspects of working life. We, as a company want to provide interested people with all the opportunities available to assist in this decision making process and show them career opportunities through making internships available.

    To facilitate this growth Scheidt & Bachmann has developed a program- in close cooperation with our secondary schools- which responds to the individuals requirements of educational institutions and assists them with hands on practice in various areas. Our interns receive exceptional opportunities to enhance and apply what they have learned through project days or a career orientation training.

    Students who are interested in a career with the company Scheidt & Bachmann get to know our expectations and offerings through this program early on. You will gain insight into the tasks and challenges of a family business. For us it is a chance to advance job offers to interested and qualified students, after experiencing their drive it is possible to approach them and offer to provide training opportunities.

    If you would like to learn more about the different areas of a company and jobs that may fit your personality, you will find the opportunity to do so with us.

    Tell us in your application, what you would like to learn during your internship and how long you would like it to last. We take your wishes into account when creating an internship plan. It does not matter whether you want to do the practical training while in school or voluntary training during school holidays.


    Your contact

    Nathalie Wennmacher

    Phone: +49 2166 266-931

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    School practical trainings are implemented for the technical field electrical engineering in our training workshop. There the trainees are supervised by two full-time trainers. Commercial internships take normally place in the purchasing, finance, human resources, incoming goods, dispatch as well as our distribution departments.

    In the sense of a work orientation an intership should last at least 2 weeks.

    A school practical training is principally possible at any time. A timely application for a school practical training is due to the high demand important because we have to plan ahead.

    It is never early enough to practice how to write applications. Therefore we ask you to send us also for a school practical training complete application documents . Please use our online-application-form.

    Because of the huge number of subsidiaries it is in principle possible that we can offer internships abroad. We do not assume the accruiting cost (accommondation, transfer, fare).