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    Tips for the application procedure

    At Scheidt & Bachmann the application and selection procedures differ due to the different requirements between the technical and the administration training. Visit our career portfolio.

    In the Administration Field we focus on applicants who have successfully completed their secondary school. We then plan the administration aptitude test. The dates are set for the afternoons. The recruitment test takes about 2.5 hours and consists of several parts including breaks. 

    After successful test evaluations, we will further narrow down the circle of interested applicants and conduct discussions. Upon a final positive decision, we will present you with an IHK vocational training contract.

    In the spring of the recruiting year the Administration Field supervisors invite the trainees and students, together with the parents, to explain further details and to give parents an opportunity to get to know the trainers and the training company.

    In the technical field we also focus on applicants who have successfully completed their secondary school. We then schedule an information session with all applicants who will participate in an aptitude test. Upon successful completion, we will perform a workshop, after this we contact the applicants and conduct discussions in which the IHK vocational training contract will also be presented and discussed.

    • exercise mercantile aptitude check
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    • exercise engineering aptitude check
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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Within the menu item Vacancies you find the opportunity to make an online application in our german job portal.

    A complete application contains a meaningful cover letter, a gapless resume and all relevant references (for example final certificate, training certificate, diploma, job references and further education references). The application should provide us with a brief overview of you and your knowledge, so that we can compare your application with the requirements for our positions. 

    If the job position you are interested in is not in our job vacancy portal, you should send us a speculative application. We will fit your profile with our current vacancies and further proof if your profile fits to vacancies in the near future. Therefore, a speculative application is worth a try!

    In case you have questions, you can call us with pleasure. We are happy to help and support you. Of course your chances within the application process do not change. A call has no influence on our decision.

    In case you find interest in two job offers, reference it in your cover letter. You do not have to formulate a second application. We will take it into consideration through the whole application process.

    You can find the appropriate contact person with information on the page of the vacancies as well as directly on the job advertisement.

    You always find our vacancies on the career-site of our homepage. If you want to be up-to-date on a long term, please make an announcement for our career newsletter.