20 students of the Math.-Nat. secondary school visiting Scheidt & Bachmann

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As part of the "Junior Academy" project, a course of 20 pupils from the Math.-Nat. secondary school visited our company from November 7th to 23rd on four dates. The aim of the project is to enable the boys and girls of the ninth grade to get a first career orientation.

Two afternoon sessions, in which the first theoretical basics were taught, prepared for a working day at Scheidt & Bachmann.

Accompanied and supported by our trainees, the students learned to produce a printed circuit board on their own. Highly focused and motivated, some students even want to finish their break earlier to continue plugging and soldering. Of course, the results could be taken home to present them proudly.

On the last visiting day the pupils took part in a guided tour of the company to obtain a comprehensive insight into the company's processes.