Your start at Scheidt & Bachmann – The learning curve

Whether Beginner or Veteran: We make certain that you receive all the support you need to succeed at Scheidt & Bachmann from day one. On day 1 you will receive a welcome pack containing all major operating procedures and things worth knowing about your new workplace.

The first day begins with a conversation with the supervisors, you will meet your new colleagues and we are aware that you can not remember all their names on day 1. But that's not a bad thing. Your colleagues will do the best they can to support you in a successful start with Scheidt & Bachmann. The first day continues with a review of all your training documents / plan. You will also receive a detailed training plan that is tailored to your workplace. You will also learn about the various recources available to you and will be provided a map, so you'll quickly find your way around.

It will also be discussed what your responsibilities are and which goals you want to achieve and what support you need. During the familiarisation phase, you will have several employee meetings with your line manager to give each of you a chance to reflect on the weeks past.

After the training phase there will be an annual employee review meeting. The annual appraisal interview between manager and employee is an important part of employee communications. Here wishes and expectations are mutually exchanged. The achievements of the past year are reflected upon, tasks for the coming year agreed upon and individual development activities discussed. This discussion provides the necessary communication between management and employee.

The development of our staff is a high priority at Scheidt & Bachmann. A regular budget for training and education is provided for all employees by management. This investment in know-how of our employees is covering a wide range of topics, for example Networks, database systems, project management, legal and contractual practice, communication and foreign languages or security to multi-level courses or management training.

You may find versatile functions and progressive projects anywhere. At Scheidt & Bachmann you will find various opportunities to use your university skills and knowledge even in an Entry Level Position. In addition, you are systematically integrated into the team at Scheidt & Bachmann, as the Scheidt & Bachmann employees are familiar with graduates. A large part of our new employees come freshly out of universities or colleges. The young team knows the concerns and needs of the students - which is a clear advantage for you.
Studies show that employee turnover is high within one year of graduation. Not here! Most young professionals choose to stay with us and thus become experienced professionals. People choose to stay with us because they know what they have in us. Read more about how we at Scheidt & Bachmann support your development as well as your creativity and goal orientation.

If you need a change and are looking for new challenges, greater responsibility and an exciting work environment you have come to the right place. Working with Scheidt & Bachmann will enrich many areas of your professional experience and help us by  working with you and outside perspectives. You will also benefit from a team that includes you into the projects as a Professional allowing you to become immediately involved.

Each new hire will be provided with a sponsor upon hire. This sponsor is a caregiver of sorts s/he is a contact point and able to dispense advice. As a colleague s/he can make the new employee familiar with the various issues in the company. He / she provides advice on issues such as "Where is what?", "What should I do if ..." and "What practices are customary or appropriate?".

We find that new employees feel much more confident to ask questions of people at their level instead of having to go to management for answers. The sponsor is able to give the new employee a substantial picture of the company and the department and also offers assistance to help integrate the employee into the family business. He / she thus lays the foundation for motivation and commitment.