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Market position in many business areas

Scheidt & Bachmann is one of the world market leaders for Systems and Solutions for mobility.

We – as a family business – are proud to be supporting transportation systems with our products and keep millions of people in motion every day all over the world.

Scheidt & Bachmann has been successful for generations

  • because we can follow our own entrepreneurial vision as a family business.
  • because we have competent and engaged employees that see a problem as a challenge and will not rest until it is solved.
  • because our customers appreciate it.

Family friendly company

The commitment of our employees is incredible. For time sensitive or urgent matters everybody is willing to pitch in- but this should not happen at the expense of your personal time. Therefore flextime is provided for all employees whose position allows for it. The employee can decide to an extend how to structure his/ her day. We support home-office.

The fact that we are aware that personal issues arise and need special treatment is not a given in all companies. That again makes us a different!

As a family business we are aware of the enormous responsibility we have to our employees and their families. The collaborative way to lead by our management is exemplary for that! It is also reflected in our very low employee turnover rate!

The company has been led by the founders family for five generations and many of our employees have made Scheidt & Bachmann a family business – with different generations of the same family working for us.

Professional orientation days as part of school partnerships

We offer all interested schools to participate in one of Scheidt & Bachmann's Professional Orientation days. After learning about the company and the future possibilities - such as the many varied positions available, e.g. Sales Engineer, Software Developer, Lawyer or Business, we take the students on a tour of our facilities. The participants are able to get an insight into the production processes, thus receiving impressions that may be relevant to their future orientation. It is our great concern that young people learn first-hand about the requirements of trainees and graduates in the real world.

Our apprenticeships set excellent standards!

Our technical training workshop is home to 2 full time licensed trainers / educators as well as 80 apprentices in the fields of electrical engineering and mechanics. And as if that is not enough - we also have many additional modern training and classrooms at their disposal. Our Apprentices generally graduate at the top of the class. To date above 46 Apprentices graduated at the top of all german aspprentices according to the IHK (Industrie- und Handelskammer). The outstanding efforts of our Apprentices are rewarded with an annual trip. That too makes us different!

Training and recruitment of the young talents

Given demographic changes and the anticipated shortfall of qualified employees / laborer in Germany and Europe as a whole, Scheidt & Bachmann feels it is important to invest in the education, training & professional development of the next generations as it directly affects our marketability. Scheidt & Bachmann therefore reiterates its traditionally strong commitment to vocational training of young people. In 2016 more than 25 German youths started their apprenticeships in one of 6 jobs. We also invest in the education for youth in other countries. In the last years, we started to train 10 Cooperational Students in Slovakia and 2 in France.

Development to specialists and leadership

Many of our former students return to to Scheidt & Bachmann after successfully completing their studies. These students get hired for professional positions and management and thus contribute to employee retention.

Continuing education

Not only do we continuosly improve the quality of our products and technologies, we also try to improve as a global team every day. As a member of Scheidt & Bachmann you benefit of this via a comprehensive selection of worldwide training and continuing education opportunities using the latest methods and technologies. Our Goal? We want to promote and develop your skills. You benefit from language training and seminars –such as intercultural negotiation skills and conflict management. In turn this allows us to strengthen our global team with know-how of the elite.

Training is customized based on the specific requirements of each individual business unit and functional area. In customizing the training – for example Project Management- you get a chance to broaden your experience with practical application of the new knowledge. Working with Scheidt & Bachmann will also allow you to systematically extend your network with international colleagues.

International deployment

Depending on your interests we may be able to offer the opportunity to work for one of our subsidiaries abroad. We support our employees every step of the way to their new "home". Consider it another way to expand your career!

Many employee anniversaries – another benefit of the low employee turnover

The cooperative leadership style at Scheidt & Bachmann is credited with the low employee turnover rate. Due to the low turnover rate we get to celebrate many employee anniversaries every year - often for folks that have their 25- 40- and even 50- year service anniversary!

We do not just honour this loyalty on the anniversary itself, but each and every year as part of a festive anniversary celebration for the employees and the families of this year's retirees. Our company choir accompanies dinner of a select menu. Here you can feel that Scheidt & Bachmann is LIVING TEAM SPIRIT.


Working with Scheidt & Bachmann can be demanding. We all enjoy the challenge to contribute to the growth of the company. We support this commitment in the form of company pension provision, flexible working time models, sponsorships for new employees and training programs. Our careers pages point these out in more details.

Work and health protection

Both complement each other. Not only our machines are equipped to the highest safety standarts for our employees, but we also are actively preventing fire in close cooperation with the local fire departments. That is just the beginning of Scheidt & Bachmann caring for your health. Our company's own doctor also offers preventative immunization and will be able to prescribe medicine when needed.

We celebrate our Success

From initiation ceremony's to jubilee awards to staff parties to bowling events. Scheidt & Bachmann makes every effort to show its employees that their hard work is appreciated and therefore we like to enjoy our economic success together!

Working at Scheidt & Bachmann

The image shows employees during a meeting in the conference room.

Working at Scheidt & Bachmann

Our employees are the driving force of our success as a company. Without their creativity, talent and involvement we would not be where we are today.

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Your entry

The picture shows a runner in starting position on a running track.

Your entry

Whether Beginner or Veteran: We make certain that you receive all the support you need to succeed at Scheidt & Bachmann from day one.

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The picture shows a flag with the Scheidt & Bachmann logo on the roof of a house.


Market position in many business areas: Scheidt & Bachmann is one of the world market leaders for Systems and Solutions for mobility.

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Human Resources

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