Employer Scheidt & Bachmann – Success through dedication

    Pioneer spirit and continuing development of the products, manufactured by our founders 'pure' production company has evolved to an international systems integrator. This success was not enabled by the latest technology alone!

    Our highly-qualified employees are an important element to our success.

    The company has been lead for five generations by its founding family and many of our employees have become members of the family, reaching across generations. As an employer we like to think of ourselves as a family business.

    Our employees are aware and appreciate the advantages a family owned business provides over shareholder-led conglomerates. Our corporate culture is characterised by flat hierarchies and collegial cooperation. All employees from Leadership to Management to Production we all work towards the success of the company as a whole including as an employee!

    Our training offers include several occupations as well as dual degree programs.

    This is complemented by our shop classes and English classes. Our technical trainees are led by two full-time instructors in our training workshop with modern equipment. The IT trainees are also led by two instructors. We are regularly awarded with the "best training companies in NRW" award. Many of our students completed their exam at the top of the class and appreciate us as a training company and employer.

    Whether beginner or veteran, all employees receive a welcome package well before their first day at work. This packet contains important information and internal regulations allowing the employee to start their first day well prepared.

    Each new employee will also have a guide from day one, this guide is there to help with the transition into the company and can answer all of your questions or guide you to the person that can.

    We encourage our employees to participate in training and education programs. We also enable them to continue their education in general and specialised subjects.

    Our staff contributes to the growth of their employer. We support this commitment.

    Start with us into a mobile world!

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