Ticketing Highlights from Scheidt & Bachmann at the IT-Trans 2018

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From ID or account-based ticketing in the cloud up to Managed Services – at this year’s IT-Trans in Karlsruhe, Germany, Scheidt & Bachmann focuses on innovative technologies. 

“In the digital age technology, IT and software infrastructure as well as their management are becoming essential. At IT-Trans we show innovative products that fully utilize the new potential and we demonstrate how to operate these systems efficiently, future-proof and reliably,” says Mike Ax, Director for D-A-CH region at Scheidt & Bachmann.


Core of the exhibit is Scheidt & Bachmann’s ID or account based ticketing technology. Within the demonstrated check-in/check-out (CICO) system expo visitors can register with their contactless media at validators and immediately start their trip. The powerful central backend manages all data and processes efficiently and allows for new concepts such as best price calculation, capping and flexible tariffs. An open system design facilitates the subsequent integration of additional functionalities such as Open Payment or NFC technology. Scheidt & Bachmann’s ID-based System is already being implemented with customers in North America, the Netherlands and Hungary.

Even further goes Scheidt & Bachmann’s check-in/be-out (CIBO) system where passengers check-in themselves through a smartphone app when starting their trip. Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons are installed on the vehicles and track the passenger’s presence during the journey. This allows for passengers to move without any barriers within the complete network – from bus to rail and back. As soon as the app does not receive any more data the trip ends automatically (be-out). The related best price calculations as well as all other processes are performed by Scheidt & Bachmann’s powerful account based backend system.

In addition, the ticketing expert develops individual migration strategies for their visitors and consults them with migration paths that would suit them best when introducing innovation like account based ticketing.

Another focus is set on the company’s Software and IT Services that Scheidt & Bachmann performs successfully for already many years. Through digitalization and the implied increasing security requirements these services gain more and more importance. Scheidt & Bachmann demonstrates how to keep a ticketing system secure and up to date, how to maintain IT infrastructure efficiently and how to manage big data reliably.

Lars Rembold, Director Strategic Business Development at Scheidt & Bachmann, dives deeper into the topic of data security for credit card payments on Wednesday, March 7, 2018. He explains how public transport service providers can benefit from the P2PE solution that Scheidt & Bachmann developed in collaboration with Mastercard Payment Gateway Services. The P2PE solution offers highest data security and reduces the burden of PCI DSS compliance at the same time. It has been awarded with the PCI Award for Excellence in January 2018.

Monika Schneider, Head of International Bid Management at Scheidt & Bachmann, joins a top-class panel on "Drivers and enablers of digitalization in public transport” on Tuesday March 6, 2018 and provides an insight into Scheidt & Bachmann’s vision on digitalization and what it brings for public transport.

In 2018, Scheidt & Bachmann is celebrating the 40th anniversary of its youngest business unit: Fare collection systems. Founded in 1978, the company expanded its system portfolio for parking and leisure systems, signaling technology and petrol stations with solutions for public transport.

Over the past 40 years, the business division Fare collection systems has evolved from a ticket vending machine manufacturer to a global provider of integrated ticketing systems. Scheidt & Bachmann laid the foundation for this success in the mid-1970s: At the request of German Railways, the company developed a ticket vending machine based on the first microprocessor technology available on the market. The approval of these highly innovative machines by German Railways in 1978 marked the basis for the development of a complete ticketing portfolio.

Over the years, the pure equipment business has become a technologically advanced systems business that today delivers comprehensive mobility solutions for cities, regions and entire countries.

"We thank our customers and partners who accompany us on our now 40-year journey. The market for mobility services is more dynamic than ever before, and we are working with enthusiasm on pioneering solutions that will help transportation companies get the most out of their business over the coming decades“, explains Matthias Augustyniak, Managing Director at Scheidt & Bachmann. "Our top-class employees are the foundation of our success, and my special thanks are directed to them. I look forward to an exciting time in which we will shape the future of public transport together."