Scheidt & Bachmann´s Parking Management Solution - an innovative, elegant and unparalleled solution at Two Rivers Mall, Nairobi, Kenya

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For many shopping malls, a reliable parking management system that caters to different customer preferences is a core part of the promised experience. This is not by chance, since the parking system is usually the first and last contact point for car park users. Scheidt & Bachmann with its partner in Kenya, Paytech, has proven itself as a provider of parking access and revenue control systems in such establishments.

entervo, the comprehensive solution for the parking business, and its own company strength has enabled Paytech to partner with Two Rivers Mall in managing the mall’s parking spaces. By introducing the latest version of the parking management solution entervo, Paytech will assure all shoppers of a pleasant and delightful parking experience.

The solution provided is innovative, elegant, and unparalleled just like the mall.