Scheidt & Bachmann congratulated for the successful launch of APCOA FLOW

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    By launching the new parking service APCOA FLOW, the parking management expert has reached an important milestone in the digitisation of parking facilities. As a reliable partner, Scheidt & Bachmann supported APCOA's strategic project and implemented key technologies, all based on Scheidt & Bachmann´s open system platform entervo.connect and cloud-connected RFID technology.

    “The integral aspect of our strategy is to offer our customers added value for today and future use. In our cooperation with Scheidt & Bachmann, we are able to offer a high level parking experience according our slogan: Parking with no ticket, no cash and no stress”, says Detlef Wilmer, Managing Director of APCOA PARKING Germany GmbH.

    With the new service, customers can seamlessly enter, leave and make cashless payments without the need for tickets at 200 selected APCOA car parks with more than 100,000 parking spaces across Germany. Using the APCOA FLOW app, customers register themselves with their credit card. RFID tags enable convenient "seamless" entry and exit - regardless of the system supplier. Thanks to RFID technology, the car park recognises the vehicle and opens the barriers automatically. Taking this into account, parking tickets, the hunt for spare change and the need to queue at pay stations are all history.

    The app also serves as a navigation system, identifying and guiding the driver to the most convenient car park close to their final destination. Each individual parking process is recorded by the system and billed directly via the credit card on file. The automated billing of parking fees can be reviewed conveniently.

    "Together with APCOA we have realised one of the largest IoT (‘Internet of Things’) projects in parking worldwide and we are proud of the result. Seeing the technology in operation is a big step into the digital future! Scheidt & Bachmann has and is investing heavily in its digital product portfolio and will continue to lead the market with innovations - the APCOA FLOW project serves as proof of this strategic orientation", says Martin Kammler, Managing Director of Scheidt & Bachmann.

    By the end of 2018, all 300 APCOA parking facilities in Germany are going to be equipped with the new technology, making more than 230,000 parking spaces digitally accessible. It is also planned to roll out APCOA FLOW in more than twelve European countries.


    For more information on APCOA FLOW, visit the website: