Say goodbye to cash? Paying by smartphone is becoming ever more widespread – the automatic pay stations from Scheidt & Bachmann are no exception

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    A lot is happening with regard to payment options. Apart from the Google Pay payment service, a number of banks in Germany have expanded their payment options making it possible to pay by mobile phone now. And what is really great about this is that customers can now use their smartphone to pay the parking fee at the automatic pay stations from Scheidt & Bachmann. What is needed is a terminal suitable for contactless payment. Like in Google Pay, the “Mobile Payment” app of the savings banks (Sparkasse) works on all Android smartphones equipped with a NFC chip. Currently Apple has not released an interface in iOS, which is required for security reasons. The app is currently the only mobile payment service for mobile payments in Germany where you don’t need a credit card, but can use a debit card (girocard) instead.

    It is extremely simple to use: Just download the “Mobiles Bezahlen“ (Mobile Payment) app of the savings banks or the “Digitale Karten” (Digital Cards) app of the credit union (Volksbanken), enable cards, hold the smartphone in front of the terminal to pay and you’re done. The debit or credit card is virtually stored in the smartphone and you don’t have to carry the plastic card around with you anymore.