Saba UK have opted for evopark GO

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    evopark GO will complement the recently installed entervo.ticketless parking solution

    S&B UK was awarded a contract by Saba for a prestigious project in London. The car park at West India Quay provides 558 convenient parking spaces in the central Canary Warf District. Part of the deal is a 5 years contract for evopark GO to compliment the recently installed entervo.ticketles solution. It is evopark's first order for an evopark GO solution outside Germany and the first evopark GO order in the UK.

    The subscription-based package will allow the motorists to register three credentials via the internet to enjoy a frictionless ‘drive in/drive out’ experience at West India Quay. The license plate, credit/debit card number and email address are all that will be required from the motorist. After registering online, drivers will in future be able to enter and leave the car park with their registered number plate and pay cashless via evopark GO. On arrival the barrier will raise and the ANPR camera will acknowledge the time of the subscriber’s entry. On exit, the ANPR camera will ‘close’ the visit and the time spent is charged automatically to his/her registered debit or credit card.

    Saba may also opt to send their arriving guests a ‘welcome to West India Quay’ e-mail advising them of local promotions and events etc. via the evopark GO solution. Scheidt & Bachmann UK’s managing Director, Alan Grix, said  “We are honoured and delighted to be the first territory outside of Germany to adopt and launch the evopark solutions we recently added to our portfolio and are passionate in growing this world class innovative parking solution even further complimenting the existing first class parking solutions that already exist within our portfolio that vastly features across the UK.” Christian Grzona, Director Marketing & Sales at evopark added “We would like to thank Scheidt & Bachmann UK for their great support in rolling out our solution and Saba for the trust they put in us. We are looking forward to this and further exciting projects in the UK.”