PARK ONE wins award as top innovator

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Car park operator introduces the first fully ticketless car park management system in Germany, based on a solution from Scheidt & Bachmann

Since July, PARK ONE has been among Germany’s Top 100 innovators. The title was awarded by ‘Top 100‘, an initiative of compamedia GmbH. For the last 25 years, it has been honouring, with a scientific foundation, the most innovative medium-sized companies. PARK ONE earned its award among other reasons for its ‘car park buildings that offer something extra’ and the ‘courage to try something new’. “You can still sense the spirit of a startup in our company, even though we have been in the market for the last ten years,“ stresses Andreas Mahnert-Lueg, CEO of PARK ONE. The company practices this credo consistently and with great success.

For example, for the last five months, the Munich car park operator has been offering its customers in the Düsseldorf ‘Dreicubenhaus‘ a fully new parking experience. PARK ONE has become the first  operator in Germany to fully dispense with the concept of car parking tickets. Customers now enter the car park solely on the basis of their registration number – using a solution from the system manufacturer, Scheidt & Bachmann. ”Our customers have become accustomed to this new convenience very quickly, and it is no longer necessary for anyone to wait at the barrier to take a ticket”, says Mahnert-Lueg, taking stock of the new system. Drivers can pay either using the entervo.Kassenautomaten payment app or at the usual payment machines. “We would like to congratulate PARK ONE on their inclusion among the Top 100 medium-sized companies. We are proud to be jointly creating new momentum as first movers in the parking industry“, declares Samuel Spaltner, head of ‘D-A-C-H’ at Scheidt & Bachmann.

On behalf of PARK ONE, the system manufacturer from Mönchengladbach has installed a hybrid solution at the ‘Dreicubenhaus’, which so far remains unique on the market. Once the vehicle’s registration number has been recognised and registered, the barrier opens. PARK ONE opted for a flexible solution that offers a maximum level of convenience, and the ticketless system was integrated into the existing parking system. Now, at a low expenditure, the operator is able to alternate between two operating modes: ticketless and ticket-based parking.

The car park operator also takes an exemplary approach to the matter of data protection. “We attach great importance to offering our customers a maximum level of data security“, emphasises Mahnert-Lueg. “The system gives us full control at all times of who accesses which data and when, and what intermediate stations it passes through, etc. This allows us to ensure that our customers’ data is absolutely secure.“ The data is stored locally on an operator computer and deleted when the customer exits the facility. The data is not saved on a cloud or at any location abroad.The car park operator is also the first company in the German market to use the Scheidt & Bachmann discounting app validation. This enables PARK ONE to agree discount models quickly and comfortably with partners and facility owners. The partners have at their disposal real-time information about actual usage and billing. “We don’t merely offer our customers a convenient way of parking but a stress-free temporary home,” stresses Mahnert-Lueg. 

Picture: Andreas Mahnert-Lueg (right) and Rangar Yogeshwar at the „Top-Innovator 2018“ award ceremony