Nordic Rail 2015; railway signalling exhibition for Scandinavia

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    The Nordic Rail trade fair for the Scandinavian rail sector was a rewarding event especially for Scheidt & Bachmann Sverige thanks to the positive response the company received. 

    In addition to proven system solutions, such as the widespread level crossing system BUES 2000, the railway interlocking systems and the train operations- and interlocking simulator BEST, new innovative system components such as the graphical diagnostic unit for BUES 2000 were displayed successfully.

    It was convincingly demonstrated to stand visitors that Scheidt & Bachmann products are easily adaptable to respective national specifications thanks to the technology platform and the modular design. Additionally the simple feasibility of new challenges, such as integration of modern interfaces between railway crossing equipment and interlocking technology (SCI-LX) could be demonstrated.

    Through these and other examples it was made clear to our customers that Scheidt & Bachmann delivers systems capable of handling future requirements, such as the SCI-LX interface, being developed at the moment, which is intended to be an optimal solution for ETCS lines.

    nordic rail 2015