Manchester Airport 'Go Live' with Scheidt & Bachmann Ticketless Forecourt Management Solution

Created by Jason Barnes MBA, Service Director at Scheidt & Bachmann UK Ltd. | - Parking-systems

Working in close collaboration with Scheidt & Bachmann GmbH, MAG IT and 3C Payments, the Forecourt Management project went live at 00:01 on 10th July 2018.

The project is made up of 26 exit lanes that have the new device, featuring cash, bank note, chip/pin and contactless card acceptance. These are deployed across all terminals and benefit from free flow ANPR entry cameras and barrier controlled ANPR exit cameras. The 'staytime' is calculated off the camera read on entry and exit and ensures a smooth flow of traffic through the drop off zones. The Scheidt & Bachmann 'entervo' software application enables a variety of concessions to be set up for various user groups that include taxis, hotel shuttle buses and meet and greet operators.

Additional parts of the project are the deployment of the Scheidt & Bachmann 'Tailgate Alert' hardware which triggers alarms when an event occurs so that MAN can actively enforce parking charges when necessary, as well as the first P2PE credit card solution from 3C.

A great effort by the teams of S&B UK, S&B Projects GmbH, 3C Payments and the MAG IT team.