Luxembourg's prestigious Fort Neipperg newly opened

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    City of Luxembourg relies on Scheidt & Bachmann solutions

    Following extensive renovation work, the City of Luxembourg reopened the Fort Neipperg car park on 4 November 2019. With 677 renovated, bright parking spaces on 19 mezzanines and thanks to numerous technical innovations, the Fort Neipperg multi-storey car park is currently considered the largest, most modern and user-friendly parking facility in the capital.Fort Neipperg is also the first parking facility in the city to be equipped with a dynamic guidance system.

    The central element of the modernisation strategy is a new entervo parking solution from Scheidt & Bachmann. The renovated property is intended to offer customers significantly more comfort and safety, thus increasing the attractiveness of the station district for visitors. For example, the city provided the customers of the multi-storey car park with the first hour of parking free of charge for the period from 29 November to 25 December 2019. The free parking hours were simply invoiced via entervo.

    Latest entervo generation entry and exit systems facilitate the management of the car park. The flow of traffic at the exits is speeded up significantly through a combination of license plate recognition and RFID technology. This gives the car park operator maximum flexibility for managing short- and long-term parkers. In addition to the regular lanes for cars, the Scheidt & Bachmann solution also includes an entervo bicycle lane. Fort Neipperg now also has an ultra-modern single space detection system and residual space displays for short-term parking spaces from S&B subcontractor Socom. Panels show the number of available parking spaces per parking level. Coloured indicator lights installed above the parking spaces make orientation even easier.

    For CCTV surveillance, the City of Luxembourg also relies on a solution from Socom: 116 cameras increase the security of the car park users. A joint solution with Scheidt & Bachmann enables parking service personnel to comfortably view the live camera image of the customer in their entervo interface when making a service call via Schneider Intercom.