From Patches and Updates to fast Incident Management: Scheidt & Bachmann Software Services

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Dennis Bender, Head of Software Services at Scheidt & Bachmann, explains the increasing importance of Software Services and what’s in it for transport service providers. “It’s all about a smooth operation and to keep the system up and running – reliably.”

Releases, Patches, Updates – Our extensive software services ensure flawless operation of our customers’ ticketing systems. Our experienced software experts make sure the software is up-to-date and match the newest security standards. 

Dennis, Software Services are part of Scheidt & Bachmann’s service portfolio for many years. How have the services changed during the last years?

Software Services are important pillars in our portfolio. Software itself – whether in devices or background systems – became more and more important and changed to a central component in our portfolio. Our software services ensure a trouble-free operation: starting from preventive measures such as regular software updates and configuration adjustments.

Our organization is structured to meet the markets’ and customers’ needs. That means that highly specialised teams composed of software developers, release-engineering experts, software testers and fault-clearing specialists from the service desk work in close collaboration to provide a fullrange performance to the customer. The teams have a vast understanding of their markets and customers. Their focus is always to help the customers quickly and in a timely manner.

What factors changed through the new technologies?

Systems are now more complex. The range of functions is continuously increasing and changes need to be quickly adapted to the systems. This – of course – challenges the services in the field of software. We also faced these challenges and caped them. All our software team members are highly qualified and very skilled, enabling us to adapt to new requirements and challenges fast paced. 

Because of the shift towards the internet, we received new possibilities: We can centralise several functions in the “cloud” and can remotely access vending or validation devices, no matter whether they are stationary or onboard. That helps us to quickly spring into action during disruptions and install updates on every device simultaneously. Cloud-based ticketing systems deliver more and more real-time data, enabling us to develop new service concepts. For instance, help large data analysis and intelligent algorithms to develop early-warning mechanisms, which recognise the slightest of differences in operating conditions so that we can react BEFORE any impact made.

Today software services belong to our most important service products. But what are the reasons so many customers decide to make use of our services?

Customers benefit from our software services in various ways. Easy economical and organizational aspects are often focused: regular software updates keep our customers’ systems up-to-date and they simultaneously profit from our continuous product care. Our customers’ employees need less software specific know-how, as our team undertake system care and monitoring tasks.

Especially in software-systems it takes a lot of time to assimilate knowledge and skills, so it is the easiest way to fall back on the extensive experience of our teams.  

Our customers have financial advantages, as Scheidt & Bachmann can handle the services more efficiently.  Because we take care of many systems, we have economies of scale, we can pass on our customers.

The key for a flawless software service is our combination of knowledgeable teams: The special know-how of our operating systems-, database-, network- and software experts is completed with all-rounders, who have an integrated system awareness concerning error diagnostics and troubleshooting. This ensures, that we can quickly help our customers with any problem or errors.

Thank you for these insights Dennis!

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