From Hosting to extensive Payment Solutions

    - Fare-Collection-Systems

    Over the last 40 years, since the Fare Collection Systems division was established, Scheidt & Bachmann have developed from a manufacturing company who produces ticket vending machines to a global systems manufacturer. Today the company is considered as a leader in IT-services for public transportation. Dirk Holzwarth, Head of IT-Service Management at Scheidt & Bachmann was available for an interview about the new core competences of Scheidt & Bachmann.  

    Mr Holzwarth, the IT-Service division is quite young but has a lot of development experience. Which offers and competences are provided to customers?

    We have made a lot of progress by adapting our processes to meet the customers’ demands. We are a strong partner due to our IT experience and expert knowledge of the fare collection systems. We cover a wide range of services such as hosted solutions, anti-virus protection, customer-specific reporting and P2PE solutions. These services are not just limited to fare collection, our infrastructure solutions extend to other sectors like parking and petrol station systems.

    What makes Scheidt & Bachmann’s service special?

    There are many factors to Scheidt & Bachmann’s success in the field, but all derive from them same root: Highly motivated and engaged employees and their know-how. We are highly committed and flexible to focus on our customer’s needs in a complex technical environment. Customers appreciate our dedication and trust us with this fundamental part of their business.  

    Digitalisation is constantly developing at a rapid speed. Are there actual trends that significantly Scheidt & Bachmann’s future offer?

    Focused development is the key to account-based ticketing systems. The “intelligent” ticketing systems improve the process from the field devices to the data processing service centre. This new principle enables customers to be more flexible regarding faster reaction times to change in their business plans. We can also develop the systems more efficiently ourselves.

    Your future vision: How will the IT-services develop in the next few years and which new challenges have to be managed?

    Account-based ticketing systems are only one influential factor. IT-services need to be efficient and available because they are the centre of the systems. In the past, failures of a single ticket vending machine could be tolerated for a while because there is usually another device nearby. A failure in the data processing service centre can cause a breakdown of hundreds or even thousands of devices. This can cause severe financial damages for customers – and the caused chaos at the stations is easy to imagine. Services must be highly available and secure accordingly due to the payment data they carry.

    There is another upcoming trend in the IT-market: virtualization. Hyperconverged systems, as well as virtualization of server, storage systems and entire networks, will convert the data centre in the upcoming years and enable higher scalability and flexibility while simultaneously reducing operating costs. As a result, completely new internal and external IT services are possible, such as Customer Self Services, automated installations of entire system environments.  

    Don’t forget: The use of social media increase more and more, how fast it develops depends on the country. The online support in customer communities is already widespread in other countries and won’t stop in Germany.  

    The fare collection business will also offer more exciting challenges in the future.