Besides the usual tabular and graphical displays, Pivot charts show complex transactions in an easy and clear way. The journal analysis is browser supported and, therefore, suitable for multiple users. It is provided with flexible entry possibilities that are easy to navigate. Filter templates that provide fast and precise results during operation can be generated without any problems for recurring transactions.

Our customer loyalty and bonus concepts can easily be completely integrated into an existing cash register system. In spite of a highly effective customer loyalty system, your personnel costs remain very low. Our bonus points software realises the easy administration of person-related loyalty accounts. By coupling these loyalty accounts directly with your customer database, valuable marketing data can also be recorded.

If required, a customer photo can be added within a few seconds. Customer data which a customer has entered in the Internet can be adopted via the available interfaces directly into the cash register system.

To find out what is good, to look for ways to improve things and also to find appropriate solutions, this all requires marketing analyses. A modern management system has all related data on board, provided all sequences are structured, detailed and safely stored. The journal analysis offers statistical evaluations on the basis of transaction and sales data for the items in their original form.

Key features:

  • comfortably integrated in an existing cashier system
  • statistical evaluations based on procedural and sales data In the original format
  • it enables straightforward and summarized representation of complex interrelationships by pivot views
  • analysis by article sales, persons, ZIP codes
  • transfer of data in Microsoft® Office formats
  • extends the possibilities of marketing campaigns and personal addressing