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Celebrating 40 years of Fare collection systems! From manufacturing microprocessor-controlled ticket vending machines to providing intelligent ticketing systems globally - we have achieved a lot and are looking forward to keep on designing future public transport.


With FareGo Suite and FareGo Cloud account-based ticketing (ABT) finds its way into our portfolio. ABT uses an entirely new system architecture based on cloud-compu¬ting. This technology moves the whole intelligence to the background system. Customers can choose if they want to acquire ABT as an customizable system with FareGo Suite or utilize its functionality “as a service” with FareGo Cloud.


We receive the order to develop and supply a new innovative ticketing system for greater Budapest.


We found our subsidiary Scheidt & Bachmann Hungary Kft.in Hungary.


We expand our subsidiary Scheidt & Bachmann Nederland B.V. in the Netherlands to include Fare collection systems.


We receive our first PCI DSS certification. PCI DSS is a security standard in the credit card industry that combines the security requirements of all major credit card companies.


We expand our subsidiary Scheidt & Bachmann France S.A.S. in France to include Fare collection systems.


We present our new brand FareGo for the very first time at the IT-Trans in Karlsruhe on February 2nd, 2012. FareGo reflects the innovational strength and high quality standards that characterise our portfolio. This is also evidenced by the new, globally uniform and modern brand image.


With the acquisition of the company Avista we establish our self on the polish market. For the first time we realize operating modules, where we carry out ticket sale at our machines as a full service in the order of our customers.


We found our subsidiary Scheidt & Bachmann Canada Inc. in Canada.


We found our subsidiary Scheidt & Bachmann Ireland Ltd. in Ireland.


Only 4 years after Scheidt & Bachmann UK Ltd. was founded, we reach an important milestone with the delivery and installation of the 1,000th ticket vending machine in March 2007.


We establish our subsidiary Scheidt & Bachmann Switzerland GmbH in Switzerland.


We develop our first own smart card reader. The reader is designed as a multi-applicative module that can process cards of different standards, regardless of the order in which the card reader is confronted with the cards.


We expand our subsidiary Scheidt & Bachmann (UK) Ltd. in the United Kingdom to include Fare collection systems.


We receive the acceptance of a bid for the supply of an intelligent, extensive Fare Collection System for Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) in Boston and develop the first real Smart Card Management System.


We develop our first Farebox, a sales device that is used in buses in North America. This product is essential for our success in the North American market.


Under the slogan "Smart + Integrated", we celebrate our 25th anniversary on July 3rd, 2003 with an in-house exhibition in our headquarters in Mönchengladbach.


We develop a new ticket vending machine for German Railways to replace the first device generation after 15 years of operation.


Smart Cards enhance the previous paper and magnetic stripe ticket media. Adapting the new technology, we develop state-of-the-art eTicketing systems which quickly become the new standard in fare collection.


We found our subsidiary Scheidt & Bachmann USA Inc. in the United States of America.


Cashless payment becomes more and more popular. By implementing card terminals and PIN pads we enable cashless ticket purchase at our ticket vending machines.


We found our subsidiary Scheidt & Bachmann Slovensko in Slovakia.


The portfolio is further expanded. Technological advances, in particular in the area of electronic ticketing and cashless payment, contribute to a new generation of devices: the "2000s product generation".


In the mid-1990ies, we reach a significant milestone by developing our own central master computer – the device management system CSS (Central Support System) becomes the heart of our systems.


The first electronic fare collection systems arise by introducing magnetic stripe cards as ticket media. We develop the magnetic card processing unit MKV-20 that codes, prints and issues these electronic tickets.


Touchscreens enter the realm of ticket vending machines. The new technology enables operations that are more intuitive and easier to perform, and the machine’s portfolio is no longer limited to simple ticket products such as a single ticket or return ticket.


We found the first subsidiary of Fare collection systems in Gera, Germany. Initially named Verkehrselektronik GmbH, the subsidiary is today known as Scheidt & Bachmann Service GmbH.


We win our first US project and deliver our first ticket vending machines that are especially designed for the US market to San Diego


As our in-house production depth increases, we develop the matrix printer “TD10” that is implemented in our ticket vending machines. The innovative print engine is able to process up to five different ticket forms with various measurements and paper thicknesses.


The Association of German Transport Companies (VDV) defines a generally valid specification "Integrated Board Information System" (IBIS) for public transport. IBIS describes how information can be distributed via a central control unit to any sales and passenger information system in a vehicle.


We gain experiences with on-board systems. By developing the electronic ticket printer “FSD” we enter the new system environment of bus and light rail.


When developing the first ticket vending machine we master numerous challenges. In order to e.g. prevent money laundering, it must be ensured that only the inserted coins are returned when the sales transaction is cancelled. This is provided by the temporary coin storage, for which we receive the first European patent ever granted on January 9th, 1980.


Along the founding of the Fare collection systems division we develop a comprehensive portfolio supplementing the first product, the microprocessor-controlled ticket vending machine. The new Fare collection systems products complete our already existing Parking and access systems, Signalling systems and Fuel retail solutions.


Within our first project "Modernised Ticket Sales", we develop a state-of-the-art, microprocessor-controlled ticket vending machine - a true innovation. The approval by German Railways and the subsequent installation and commissioning of 280 devices on October 1st, 1978 form the basis for the establishment of a fourth business division: "Fare collection systems".


Our very first ticket vending machine is being created - for ski lift tickets. Our ski lift ticket system in Steibis in the Allgäu, Germany, is our first comprehensive management system to sell transport services - though not yet for public transport.


German Railways lay the foundation for establishing the business division by searching for a provider of a new generation of ticket vending machines – the project “modernized ticket sales”. After an exciting application phase we finally receive the order to develop a new type of vending machine.


In the early 1970s, the first microprocessors were developed. We recognize the trend early on, and the new technology is finding its way into our products within just a few years. The control by microcomputer is quickly becoming the new standard.

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