Service Platform

Maintenance, support, status view: built into the system

Nowadays the increasing versatility and complexity of modern software systems require extremely careful and vigilant monitoring of all components involved. This applies more than ever to the control systems of parking technology. For this very reason, 2 has system maintenance installed "ex works" in fact it is a core function.

In future, the entervo Service Platform will ensure that all system statuses are registered by means of standardised reports drawn from all software and hardware components. Above and beyond this, the aim is to ensure that a diverse range of additional systems and applications can be seamlessly linked up and used efficiently by the operator on site.

The entervo Service Platform is not just designed to maintain, support and safeguard ongoing parking processes, it also forms an interactive substructure. Its sophisticated system of sensors is geared towards the prompt implementation of optimisation measures where necessary, as well as sounding out innovation potential on an ongoing basis.

The entervo Service Platform is linked to all the system-related components, both hardware and software, i.e.

  • logging and access rights management,
  • documentation of various database and filling level states,
  • implementation of supervised deletion and data compression operations,
  • administration of software and hardware statuses available in the system and their associated alteration history.

What is more, all interventions by remote service or on-site service teams are completely documented.

Key Features

  • Optimised system status transparency.
  • Accelerated fault containment / elimination.
  • Further improved operational reliability of facilities and systems.
  • Increased lifetime of components.
  • Reduction of internal and external service capacity.
  • Easily accessible and quickly attainable service expertise.
  • Lasting quality improvement of all processes.
  • Indirect support for the process of technological innovation.

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