FareGo – a strong brand for efficient fare management

On 15th of February 2012 we have presented our new brand FareGo for the first time to a wide specialist audience at the IT-TRANS exhibition in Karlsruhe. The aim of this new branding is to deliver a strong worldwide brand presence. The intention is to create a uniform and dynamic presence of our product and service portfolio.

FareGo provides complete systems solutions for all fare management requirements in the public transport sector. "Our first-class portfolio of solutions is characterised by innovation and high-quality. With FareGo we have now created a brand to reflect these values. This is also evidenced by the new, modern brand profile that is standardised throughout the world" explains Matthias Augustyniak, Dipl.-Ing., Managing Director of Scheidt & Bachmann GmbH. The newly structured and packaged portfolio offers the customer an integrated approach in the design of its fare management system. Moreover, the new brand presence and the modern product design increase the product recognition.

The FareGo logo is in two shades of blue as a powerful word mark in a distinctive motif. The design of the logo represents the smooth dynamics of public transport made possible by the system manufacturer. The brand name FareGo consists of the English terms “Fare” and “Go”. While “Fare” stands for complete fare collection management, “Go” denotes the essential service which is provided by our products: To allow the users of public transport the go, the start of the journey.

The comprehensive brand architecture has been consistently carried over to our entire portfolio. In keeping with the brand logic the previously separate products have been grouped into product lines:

We have presented four new products from the FareGo Sales, FareGo Val and FareGo Data lines at the brand launch at the IT-TRANS exhibition. This also included a presentation of the completely new back-office system FareGo Data and a new generation of ticket machines.