Sustainable Mobility — Our Service for You

We want to look after the environment and to help you ‘go green’ by using energy efficient components in our fare collection systems.

As part of this service, we can furnish our appliances with proximity sensors for instance. The energy management integrated in the machine puts the machine into a “standby mode“ with minimum of energy consumption for the time of business closure or other periods without use. This mode gives the option to temporarily switch off components such as printers, coin and banknote processing, customer displays, payment terminals, or e-ticket components individually or in groups. As soon as a potential customer approaches, the built-in proximity sensor transmits a signal to the stand-by system and the immediate activation of the sale mode is facilitated, so that it is ready for use as soon as the customer arrives. The machine uses significantly less energy in the “standby mode“, which is activated by the machine after a set time, than in the standard mode.

Another energy saving, and an environmentally-friendly element at the same, is LED technology in the lighting top, which is currently offered by us as a conversion kit.The machine’s service elements must be clearly illuminated so that the transport user can see it when light conditions are poor and in darkness, as a non-illuminated machine cannot be seen clearly by customers. Classic light tubes, used in lighting fixtures, no longer meet the demands of the current state-of-technology as far as economic and ecological considerations are concerned. Above all, energy savings of up to 65 % compared to conventional fluorescent tubes are made possible by LED technology, considering the fact that illuminated elements are normally used around the clock. Our conversion kit with state-of-the-art LED technology offers an affordable and reliable alternative, which can be used energy efficiently and without CO2 emissions.

Your Key Account Manager will be pleased to speak to you about these options or any other energy saving measures you may wish to implement.