New Bank Notes for Europe

The new five euro note will be introduced on 2nd May 2013!  

The European Central Bank (ECB) will introduce the second euro bank note series from the beginning of May 2013 across the whole of the eurozone. The new European series will not only be more durable, but also safer than the current notes. This is the ECB’s response to the rising number of forgeries in Germany. Police, retailers and banks withdrew almost 41,500 forged euro bank notes from circulation in 2012, as reported by the German Federal Bank. That was about 6.4 per cent more than in the previous year.

The new bank notes will gradually be brought into circulation with the new five euro note being introduced first in May 2013. Further notes will follow with rising value.

More Security

"The euro is the most visible symbol of the European Union", said Mario Draghi, President of the European Central Bank (ECB). "The new bank notes are cutting edge as far as technology and security is concerned."  

Bank note experts have been working on the security features of the new European series for years: the watermark and the hologram band on the edge of the new five euro note for example show the Greek goddess, Europa. When you tilt the bank note slightly, the colour of the printed value changes from emerald green to deep blue. Both edges of the note display a riffle on the front. The new “fiver” is also a bit thicker, because it is covered with a special lacquer. This is meant to make the bank note more durable as it changes hands frequently.

The new bank notes also take account of the new countries that have entered the European Union since the introduction of the first bank note series. 

Our service for you

Equipment used by our customers to accept bank notes requires new notation formatting, which includes the new five euro note. The new five euro notes will only be accepted by the sales equipment once this update is installed.

Our After Sales Service will be pleased to assist customers affected by this on telephone number +49 2166 266-343.

Depending on system configuration, the notation format can be sent easily as a software download to the terminal equipment via the Scheidt & Bachmann background system. Where this is not possible, we offer the alternative option of having the software download installed manually by one of our technicians.