How do I apply?

Within the menu item Vacancies you find the opportunity to make an online application in our german job portal.

What documents and information should my application contain?

A complete application contains for us a meaningful covering letter, a gapless resume and all relevant references (for example final certificate, training certificate, diploma, job references and further education references). The application should give us in short time an image of your person and should show us your knowledge, so that we can compare your person with the requirements for our position.

Is a speculative application worth it?

If you have the opinion that there is no equivalent job offer for you, you should send us a speculative application. We square your profile with our topical vacancies. Additional we proof, if your profile fits to vacancies in the near future. Therefore a speculative application is worth it always.

Does it raise the chance of my application, when I call before?

In case you have questions, you can call us with pleasure. We are happy to help and support. Of course your chances within the application process do not change. A call has no influence on our decision.

What am I doing, if I am interested in several job offers?

In that case you just write it in the reference of your covering letter. You do not have do formulate a second application. We take it into consideration through the whole application process.

Who is the person to turn on?

The full contact particulars of the person to turn on are always shown on the site of job listings and on the advertisement. 

How do I find out about the current job offers of Scheidt & Bachmann?

You always find our vacancies on the career-site of our homepage. If you want to be up to date on a long term, please make an announcement for our career newsletter.

How do I know, that the published job offers are still current?

We constantly make our job offers topical.

Your contact person: Johannes Major

Phone: +49 2166 266-275


Johannes Major

Your contact person: Frank Dohmen

Phone: +49 2166 266-175


Frank Dohmen

Your contact person: Tim Gottwald

Phone: +49 2166 266-175


Tim Gottwald